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Engaging in social entrepreneurship means using traditional methods of producing goods and services to achieve a social mission of transforming precarious situations. Many companies do it without knowing it.


Social enterprises are a tool for creativity to serve communities (neighborhoods, municipalities, associations).


  • They stem from the needs identified on the ground.
  • They become collective projects that bring together and value everyone's resources.
  • They become sustainable as innovative solutions and find their place in the social and economic fabric.


For several years now, in collaboration with international partners, the School of Social Work Fribourg has been taking a close interest in this phenomenon, which lies at the very heart of the definition of social work. This international conference on social entrepreneurship aims to promote this new professional intervention posture.

Target audience

This international conference intended for a broad audience: students, politicians, academics, but also, and above all, social entrepreneurs.

Place and dates

The conference takes place at the School of Social Work in Fribourg (face-to-face).

November 29 and 30, 2021.


The conference is resolutely focused on the discussion of concrete practices of social entrepreneurship. It will feature projects with American and Russian partners, enabling a cross-section of perspectives on specific contexts.

The complete program will be available in June 2021.


The conferences and workshops will be in both French or English, with simultaneous French-English or English-French interpreting.


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